422IMGP4867Africa, what a continent: massive tracts of virgin bush, diverse cultures, ancient civilizations, stunning geography, natural resources in abundance, rich and varied fauna and flora, social contrasts, political and economic challenges to name but of a few of the many epitaph’s describing this magnificent continent. However Africa is also made up of fifty three Independent countries, each as varied as the next with their own challenges, attractions, resources, governments, policies, social tolerances, economic and political challenges.

CONSERVATION in Africa, most often associated with the headlines: poaching, corruption, hunting, habitat loss, over population, extinction and then SAVE & DONATE.

Nobody refutes that ECONOMIC PROGRESS will go a long way to help Africa tackle it’s many CONERVATION challenges.

Add an economic value to any sustainable resource and one tends to look after it.

Take value away, and the incentive to look after the resource naturally follows suit.

Many clients ask, what can they do (Donate) after a successful safari to Africa to HELP CONSERVATION. My stock answer is you have already done an incredible amount for conservation by going on Safari in Africa.

The revenue stream generated by your safari has far reaching economic benefits to the the people and wildlife of the country/s you are visiting. This revenue generation stays within the country, creates employment and is one of the key conservation motivators for any African country to look after their wildlife.

By all means donate to the multitude of conservation causes that are out there, but in a world where there are no free rides, wildlife included, going on safari has by far the greatest impact on wildlife conservation. If you really want to help conservation in Africa after you have been on Safari, come again, or recommend it to your friends, family, work colleagues and anybody else that you think will listen.