Agents Africa Safaris hosts a number of ‘special interest safaris’, these out of the norm safaris cater for like minded individuals that share a common interest and a overriding passion for  a subject matter sometimes but not always to the exclusion of all else.

Not every safari traveler wants to spend twenty five hours a day watching birds, or hours spent fiddling with camera settings trying to capture the perfect shot. To this effect we have a select data base of ‘top’ African specialist guides, that match your individual or small groups specialist requirements. This specialists guides have the technical know how to match and in most cases exceed your requirements. Chosen to represent Agents Africa for their skills, ability, personality and many years experience in the field. 

Agents Africa understands what you want, has the ability to match your requirements and expectations to the logistical conclusion of your safari. From private vehicle hire, specific safari destinations to specialists guides, we make it happen for you.



Craig Williamson (Spike)

CRAIG WILLIAMSON: Birding and East Africa Specialist

Spike was born into a world of ecology.  He grew up in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, where his father worked as an ecologist.  Thus, Spike experienced wildlife at close quarters from an early age, often accompanying his father on field trips, camping at waterholes among the elephants or exploring the bush on his own searching for birds’ nests and eggs.

This childhood passion developed when Spike passed his Professional Guides licence in 1988 and worked extensively throughout Zimbabwe – guiding, operating mobile safaris, and managing wildlife estates and safari lodges as part of his portfolio.

His interest took him further afield to the Selous in southern Tanzania where he rebuilt, and then managed an exclusive safari lodge for five years, where he was also the head guide.

Spike’s knowledge and love of nature, his reputation as a birder and his calm nature have contributed to his career as a Professional Private  Safari Guide and guide trainer, taking him to several safari destinations throughout Africa.

His explorations and safaris include parks in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda and several parks in Kenya and Ethiopia.

He advocates that safaris are as much about people as about the wildlife and he is never happier than when he is in his beloved African bush showing people Africa’s rich diversity.

Charles Brightman: Birding SafarisCB

Charles is a Zimbabwean born professional guide, with nearly thirty years guiding experience. Resident of Victoria Falls for twenty five years, respected conservationist, wildlife enthusiast and the go to ‘bird’ man in Vic Falls.

Charles is a committed conservationist, who walks the talk, pioneering the Vic Fall Anti- Poaching unit in 1999. Charles and his committed team of rangers, working in conjunction with national parks has single handedly saved hundreds of animals from snares, poacher’s bullets and is on permanent call to deal with any wildlife emergency.

Foremost, Charles is a guide, his extensive knowledge of the bush, keen wildlife insights and his enthusiastic delivery of his encyclopedic knowledge sets him apart from his peers. However and most importantly Charles remains humble, committed and is equally enthusiastic about a spectacular sunset as a new bird sighting.

Like most guides, Charles ‘specializes’ in one area of expertise, and Charles’s particular passion is birding. Charles likes nothing better than spending time with fellow birders, imparting his twenty seven years of carefully gleaned birding knowledge on fellow enthusiasts.


TOM VARLEY: Photography Specialist/CameramanTV

Tom is the leading wildlife photographer and film maker in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean resident since the age of one, Tom was raised in Hwange National park where his father, the legendary walking guide, Leon Varley, was the resident professional guide.

Tom’s photographic interest was piqued when he was in the British army, seconded to NATO’s photo reconnaissance unit in Bosnia and Kosovo. Tom returned to Zimbabwe in 2002, combining his inherent interest in wildlife with his new found photographic expertise. Tom soon carved himself a niche as a wildlife photographer and film maker extraordinaire. In 2010 Tom published the highly acclaimed photographic guide to Victoria Falls: The Magnificent Victoria Falls’, capturing the mood and essence of the falls like no other photographer had yet achieved.

Tom when not making and assisting with wildlife and social documentaries leads small groups of wildlife photographers on safari, his in depth knowledge of wildlife allows him the specialist insight to wildlife behavior creating the unique opportunity to plan, combined with flawless technical expertise, the quintessential photographic shot.

Like all experts in their respective fields Tom specializes in time lapse photography and the use of unmanned drones. This has seen Tom’s work featured in many notable wildlife documentaries for the likes of BBC, Japanese TV among many notable television documentaries.